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Horses are fantastic companions for disconnecting and enjoying nature. They are also unrivalled mediators, exceptionally benevolent in helping you to get to know yourself better, improve the way you approach interpersonal relationships and gain self-confidence.

The Vexin Normand offers you great facilities for practising horse riding in equestrian centers and a quality environment. You can also discover the benefits of equicoaching, whether for personal or professional development.

It’s also a popular activity for children. Little ones enjoy a hand-held pony ride. Pony addicts will be delighted with the holiday courses offered by riding centers during the school vacations.They can also discover pony games, a very fun discipline, at the Domaine de la Bonde, in spacious infrastructures. This domain regularly hosts national and international pony games competitions, and it’s also great fun to go there as spectators with children.

For riders who come to compete on our territory and are looking for accommodation with welcome for their horse, some gites and B&Bs are able to welcome you and your horses.




The horse, the mirror of mankind, is a wonderful partner to help you become more aware of how you function, how you know how to behave and how to improve your relationship with yourself and others. Take advantage of a stay in the Vexin Normand to take a break and enjoy an enriching experience with man’s most beautiful conquest.

All year round

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In the Vexin Normand

Enjoy a year-round break in the campagnein the Vexin normand: from spring onwards, multicolored fields await you with, the blue of flax, the bright yellow of rapeseed, the gold of wheat and barley, now joined by sunflowers and, all year round, verdant prairies to offer you horizons as far as the eye can see. To the north of our territory, join the forêt domaniale de Lyons, France’s largest beech forest: some of our villages are on the edge of this majestic forest in every season, especially in autumn. As you pass through our villages, the half-timbering and cob of the longères or the briques roses of the large farmhouses, manor houses and châteaux, follow on from the limestone to confirm that you are indeed in Normandy.