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The taste and feels of Normandy

At the gateway to Paris

Between Dieppe and Paris, 40 minutes from Giverny and 1h30 from Paris, 1 hour from Rouen by car, the Vexin Normand is a central area to relax in Normandy and discover a major page of Anglo-Norman medieval history.

At the gateway to the Paris region, the Vexin Normand offers you everything that makes a lovely getaway or vacation in Normandy:

  • Discover its exceptional heritage with some millenial sites to visit such as the castle of Gisors,
  • Enjoy the Norman”douceur de vivre” in small, typical Norman villages,
  • Escape into wide countryside landscape for long strolls and hikes with fields as far as the eye can see. The Vexin Normand is a beautiful playground for outdoor leisure with a peacefull greenway of 25 km, part the Avenue Verte London – Paris biking route , hiking trails to get some fresh air and enjoy lovely strolls away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Press the pause button, come and visit us to get a change of scenery, relax and enjoy Normandy’s lifestyle.


In the cradle of Norman history

The Vexin Normand asserts an identity forged by its medieval past: it is the historic frontier between the Duchy of Normandy and the Kingdom of France, central to the history of England and France.
The Epte River is the natural marker of this ancient frontier.
Let yourself be surprised by its medieval castles and farms and the vestiges of this region’s medieval past.

Visit Gisors, historic capital of the Vexin Normand region and explore this medieval city crossed by the Epte canals. The town is dominated by its imposing fortified castle, haloed by the legend of the Templar treasure. The castle overlooks a superb cathedral-like church and a lively town center.


Overcome your prejudices

Discover a lively countryside!

You’ll be amazed at the dynamism of our countryside villages: enjoy an open-air photo festival, typical French guinguettes and open-air bars. In the Vexin Normand, you can for example shop and have a lunch break in an old mill in a vintage atmosphere. You can enjoy a local beer with local charcuterie while listening to a live band. You can watch an open-air film, attend a medieval festival, a metal or hip hop festival in the park of a fortified castle, have dinner in a former village school converted into a wine cellar in front of a wood-burning stove, read in the soothing atmosphere of an ancient convent converted into a media library, or see a jazz or classical music concert in a beautiful church.


The taste of authentic quality food

The Vexin Normand is a fertile and nourishing land, cultivated with passion and know-how. Awaken your taste buds with authentic flavors, set off by a gastronomic tradition that resembles its inhabitants: discreet, tasty and committed to the quality of the products cooked.

At the restaurant or in our farms, rediscover the flavors and gustatory pleasure of local produce cooked or to be cooked.