Gisors La Legendaire 2022 Mapping 6ml VittoriGisors La Legendaire 2022 Mapping 6ml Vittori
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Major events

The Vexin Normand is a lively region, with music festivals, comic book festivals, exhibitions, medieval celebrations, Christmas festivities and markets, the Voie Verte festival in the Epte valley, and pony game championships all punctuating the year… discover the major festive, cultural and sporting events that will thrill you during your stay.

Rendezvous May 18 & 19, 2024

Gisors, The Legendary

Medieval festival weekend
Gisors, the Legendary 2022
Gisors, the Legendary 2022
© Eric Dazin
A not-to-be-missed event for medieval enthusiasts

This great medieval festival is now a biennial event, usually held on the 3rd weekend of May. It is one of the must-attend events for history enthusiasts and re-enactors of life in the Medieval Age. Young and old alike dream as they discover the historic heart of the town of Gisors, an ancient medieval city, vibrating to the rhythm of camps, historical re-enactments, parades, chivalry shows and medieval markets. A grand son & lumières, on Saturday evening, adds to the magic of the château fort de Gisors site, the focal point of this festive weekend.

In 2024, it will be held on Whitsun weekend.

Major events


Gisors Metal Fest, Metal music festival – Gisors


Gisors, La légendaire (every 2 years, even-numbered years) – château de Gisors


Urban Day, urban cultures festival – château and environmental park of Gisors

Festival Photo Martagny

Martagny Photo Festival

Le Grand Baz’Art, Outsider Art Festival – Gisors


Kave Fest, Metal festival – château de Gisors

Festival Photo Martagny


Fête de la Libération – Gisors


Comics festival – Gisors


Salon Métaphore, visual arts – Gisors


Christmas for all, Christmas festivities – Gisors

All year round

The town of Gisors offers a cultural program featuring concerts, theater, photo festivals and shows for all.

Cultural season program – Gisors





All year round

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In the Vexin Normand

Enjoy a year-round break in the campagnein the Vexin normand: from spring onwards, multicolored fields await you with, the blue of flax, the bright yellow of rapeseed, the gold of wheat and barley, now joined by sunflowers and, all year round, verdant prairies to offer you horizons as far as the eye can see. To the north of our territory, join the forêt domaniale de Lyons, France’s largest beech forest: some of our villages are on the edge of this majestic forest in every season, especially in autumn. As you pass through our villages, the half-timbering and cob of the longères or the briques roses of the large farmhouses, manor houses and châteaux, follow on from the limestone to confirm that you are indeed in Normandy.