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Slow life

Along our rivers

Normandy therapy

In contact with the water element

What could be more soothing than the gentle sound of a river to relax and reconnect with nature?

Rivers are in the DNA of the Vexin Normand. Old-timers learned to swim in the ponds, fished for carp or trout, worked in the mills. The Vexin Normand is dotted with several rivers, ponds and streams: the Epte, river that marks the border between the French and Norman Vexin, the Réveillon and the Troësne, two streams that run through Gisors, as well as la Lévrière which rises in forêt de Lyons, at Bézu-la-Forêt to stretch through pretty peaceful villages of Normandy. Find inspiration here to enjoy a nourishing and exciting holiday in contact with the element of water. Enjoy fishing, canoe-kayaking, hikes on the greenway along the Epte or, quite simply, a cottage or a B&B to wake up to birdsong and the gentle lapping of the water.Camp by a pond, stroll along rivers, rediscover the pleasure of fishing. Embark on a canoë-kayak to discover natural landscapes in a slow pace. The Vexin Normand also offers you a beautiful aquatic center and a family pool for the greatest pleasure of young and old swimmers.

Stoll along the rivers

As the water flows