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The Vexin Normand

Land of savors

Rediscover a taste for goodness and beauty In the Vexin Normand

The Vexin Normand is renowned for its fertile lands. In this agricultural region par excellence, plains are not only dedicated to large cereal crops, sugar beet, rapeseed and flax, which provide beautiful, changing colors as the seasons and harvests change. You’ll be amazed by the variety of local produce grown here with a commitment to producing good and well.

Discover the gems of our terroir

Discover thetrue taste of quality vegetables and fruit, legumes, meats and charcuterie produced on our farms. Not forgetting, of course, cider, Normandy’s signature product, you’ll also be able to discover local beers of excellence, honey, snails, ice creams and even camelina oil, or flower hydrosols! In short, it’s a bit of a permanent belly party, in the Vexin Normand!!!!

La fermette bio de l'Epte

An astonishing organic farm in the heart of Gisors

Aurélien and Jennifer Thibaux, young passionate farmers, started from almost zero to create their farm on 4 ha of land bordered by the Epte in the heart of the small town of Gisors. They cultivated and then had their market garden farm certified “Agriculture Biologique”, built the farm building, their house, which now also houses a gîte as well as the farm’s boutique. They grow field and greenhouse vegetables, which they sell direct at markets and in their farm store, which is adjoined by a huge distributor accessible 24 hours a day.

Eager to pass on their ethics, know-how as well as their taste for varieties ofancient fruits and vegetables, they also have a passion for the breeds of farm animals to be preserved. As a result, they are developing a free tour of the farm and an educational activity in parallel. In particular, Jennifer welcomes schoolchildren, to whom she explains how the produce on their plates is grown. In fine weather, you can freely discover their animals and part of their farm on Saturdays, when the farm store is open.

A must

Brasserie De Sutter

Born of a passion shared by two young brothers, this craft brewery created in 2008 has earned its letters of nobility with a range of recipes 100% brewed and bottled in Gisors, Normandy, “with Love and Hops”. The opinion of the Gault & Millau Guide underlines “the irreproachable quality of the products, as well as a production method that respects the environment”.

In addition to a fascinating guided tour of the brewery’s production site with tastings on the first Saturday of every month (booking required) and direct sales in their spacious boutique, Brasserie De Sutter has become a must-visit conviviality spot in Gisors with its musical bar “La Vache à Lunettes”.

From Thursday to Saturday evenings, happy hour, concerts, themed evenings, DJs or broadcasts of major sporting events accompanied by tasting boards follow one another in a festive atmosphere.


All year round

Take a break

In the Vexin Normand

Enjoy a year-round break in the French countryside in the Vexin normand: from spring onwards, multicolored fields await you with the blue of flax, the bright yellow of rapeseed, the gold of wheat and barley, now joined by sunflowers and, all year round, verdant pastures to offer you horizons as far as the eye can see. To the north of our territory, join the national forest of Lyons, France’s largest beech forest: some of our villages are on the edge of this majestic forest in every season, especially in autumn. As you pass through our villages, the half-timbering and cob of the houses or the briques roses of the large farmhouses, manor houses and châteaux, follow on from the limestone to confirm that you are indeed in Normandy.