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Weekend in Norman countrysideFill up on activitiesWith your children

Weekend with children in Normandy

Our kid-friendly ideas

Are you longing for the countryside and greenery, but wondering how to keep your children occupied? Opt for a weekend in the Vexin Normand. Our region offers you everything you could wish for in the countryside, without running out of distractions for your children. The Vexin Normand is surrounded by leisure parks and offers a wide range of activities designed or simply adapted for children. With amusement parks, outdoor activities, bike and pony rides, a water park and a games and media library, you can offer your children an exciting weekend out in the countryside, without feeling far away from it all.


For children under 6
Baby or christening


Most children melt in front of a poney’s face and are delighted to go for a little ride in hand with their parents. The equestrian centers in our address book offer these, as well as, of course, vacation courses and workshops for children. All you have to do is choose the riding school closest to your holiday destination from our Leisure & Activities section.

Rent a cargo bike

For a great ride on the greenway

Balad’Eure rents electric-assist bicycles. They also offer cargo bikes and trailers for children. Little ones love to be taken for a ride, while grown-ups will be able to cycle long distances in the countryside, effortlessly. For an additional charge, Balad’Eure delivers your bikes anywhere in the region. Take advantage of the 24 km of the voie verte de la vallée de l’Epte, from Gisors to Gasny, where you can let your little ones stretch their legs in complete safety on this reserved and landscaped route for walkers.

Move them around

A play structure

Whatever the weather

Mouv’Kids is a leisure park with a totally secure indoor playground, air-conditioned in summer and heated in winter. The giant structure houses a large area specifically for toddlers, with slide, ball pool, mini course, tunnel and large building blocks. On sunny days, children can play outside on 500m² of 2 structures, including a go-kart track for older children, a bumpers track… Mouv’Kids is also an excellent joker when it’s raining and your kids need to let off steam in the company of children their own age.

It's summer and it's hot

Quick, a swimming pool!

The Tournesol swimming pool in Étrépagny and the Aquavexin complex in Trie-Château offer young and old alike the chance to cool off in summer, or to enjoy an afternoon in the heated pool. Aquavexin also offers wellness and fitness areas for older children, and since June 2023, a new outdoor area with pool, pentagliss and outdoor water play area for children. Covered or semi-covered, these two pools are of course also ideal when it’s raining, because you might want to take a dip without getting showered!

With children aged 6 to 12

Visit the Rome Farm Museum

They can read and are curious about everything!

Mr Renaut and his wife are authentic retired farmers. They’ll tell you all about how farmers used to make milk, butter and cream, sometimes with gestures, in their little family museum, filled with the utensils dairy farmers used to use. Whether you’re young or old, you can’t remain indifferent to their farm, where they pass on to us a touching testimony to peasant life in the not-too-distant past century. This sense of welcome extends to an optional snack of crêpes, jam, apple juice or homemade cider, served in the farm garden.