Gisors Jf Lange Adt De LeureGisors Jf Lange Adt De Leure
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GisorsA golden stopover

Visit Gisors

Historic capital of Vexin Normand

Gateway to Normandy and essential stopover between Paris and Dieppe, Gisors is the historic capital of the Vexin Normand.

  • Discover the prestigious heritage of this ancient medieval city that played a major defensive role in the history of Normandy.
  • Visit its impressive castle haloed by the legend of the Templar treasure, its exceptional church with its cathedral-like appearance.
  • Stroll through its streets lined with ancient timber-framed houses, along the canals of the river Epte.
  • Savor the Norman livestyle in this small shopping town with numerous restaurants, boutiques, local producers, such as the Brasserie de Sutter, or the Fermette bio de l’Epte, an organic farm located in the heart of the town.
  • Discover a vibrant little town, animated by festivities and cultural events: music festivals, shows, animations follow one another throughout the year, including the great medieval festivalGisors, la Légendaire“, every two years, on the 3rd weekend of May.


Gisors Vue Des Bannetons Du Chateau Ml VittoriGisors Vue Des Bannetons Du Chateau Ml Vittori
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Gisors castle

Legendary fortress

The castle of Gisors is one of the most emblematic medieval fortresses of Normandy: its role was strategic during the tumultuous war between the Duchy of Normandy and the Kingdom of France. This impressive military fortress, built in 1097 during the reign of William the Conqueror‘s is shrouded in a persistent legend about a treasure hidden there by the Knights Templar, this castle is well worth a visit for its remarkable keep, cellars and recently restored barbican, as well as for the mysterious engravings adorning the interior of the Prisoner’s Tower. A must-see for French history and medieval enthusiasts.

A cathedral-like church

Saint-Gervais-Saint-Protais church

Its 70-meter-long nave, 24-meter-high vaults, 5 vessels and 6 bays house extraordinary architectural elements and heritage treasures. This church is considered one of the most representative French Gothic churches.

Let yourself be surprised!

Stroll through Gisors

Discover all the treasures

Of Gisors heritage

Gisors houses several other heritage treasures. Take the time to stroll around the town and discover some of them.

The tourist office offers audioguide rentals together with a tour map of the town of Gisors to help you discover it.

Prices: €5 / reduced rate €4 (young people aged 6 to 17, disabled people, jobseekers).

Lumières sur l’Histoire - Gisors, la Capitale du Vexin Normand
Lumières sur l’Histoire - Gisors, la Capitale du Vexin Normand
Lumières sur l’Histoire - Gisors, la Capitale du Vexin Normand

A town crossed by rivers

Set in the hollow of a bend in the Epte, Gisors is crossed by numerous canals shaping and modifying the course of this river over time. As you stroll through the town, you’ll be surprised by the omnipresence of water in the town center: 3 other rivers cross the town.

Vidéo Gisors ville d'eau © Vexin Normand Tourisme
Vidéo Gisors ville d'eau © Vexin Normand Tourisme
Vidéo Gisors ville d'eau © Vexin Normand Tourisme

Three other rivers flow through Gisors. La Troesne, a river that rises in Hénonville in the French Vexin and flows into the Epte at the Parc environnemental Frédéric Passy in Gisors. Three-quarters underground, le ruisseau Picard is only visible on rue de l’Hospice. It originally took its mouth from the site of the restaurant “le Cappeville”. It passes under the rue of the same name to join the library park, continuing its course between rue Boulenger and rue de Saint Ouen. All along its route, it is dotted with old wash-houses. In the past, every property had one. It flows into the Epte at rue des Libertés. The third river crossing the town is the Réveillon.


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