Amies en balade en VAE sur la Voie Verte Gisors Gasny H© ADT de l'Eure, J.F. LangeAmies en balade en VAE sur la Voie Verte Gisors Gasny H© ADT de l'Eure, J.F. Lange
©Amies en balade en VAE sur la Voie Verte Gisors Gasny H© ADT de l'Eure, J.F. Lange
Cycling routes

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In the Vexin Normand
The Vexin Normand Cycling destination in Normandy

Between Dieppe and Paris, the Vexin Normand is among the nearest destinations in Normandy from Paris. An hour from Rouen, 30 mn from Giverny, also 40 mn drive from Paris – Beauvais airport. It’s also at the crossroads of several cycling routes.

Whether it’s for a relaxing bike ride or a real bike trip, the Vexin Normand offers you a choice of itineraries to explore the countryside either with cycling routes or a greenway: compose your ride according to your wishes!

The 25 km long Epte Valley Greenway is on the route of several bike routes. This greenway runs along the bucolic Epte valley, linking Gisors to Gasny (near Giverny). It is as suitable for a relaxing stroll as it is for a gentle warm-up to start a bike trip, as it is on the route of the Avenue Verte London – Paris and its variants.

For a relaxing bike ride

The Epte Valley Greenway

An itinerary of choice for the whole family

Does this fine weather give you a hankering for a relaxing bike ride? In the Vexin normand, you’ll find the ideal place for a bike ride around with the Epte Valley Greenway, in a beautiful green scenery and a fully secured environment over 25 km. This greenway is ideal for a family bike ride with children.

The Avenue Verte London - Paris

in Normandy

470 km of cycling route between London and Paris across the East part of Normandy

From Dieppe to Paris, explore typical landscape, towns and villages of Normandy and enjoy a relaxing experience of biking on small countryside routes.

The Vexin Normand is on your way: take a few days to explore this area marked by its pas of historic frontier between the Dutchy of Normandy and the Kingdom of France.

Find out more with Caroline’s testimonial about her cycling trip from Paris to London on the Avenue Verte London – Paris.


Around Gisors

Cycling routes

In the Vexin Normand

By bike, almost all cycling routes cross to Gisors

To devour miles of pretty scenery by bike less than 100 km from Paris, Gisors is a prime starting point. Accessible without a car, our territory is at the crossroads of several cycling itineraries, with several routes to explore the heritage of the Norman and French Vexin, towards the Normandy coast or to beautiful historical cities such as Chantilly, Auvers-sur-Oise, Pontoise and many others.

The Avenue verte London – Paris and the cycling route des deux Vexin au Pays de Nacre, a 162 km loop, offer you several options for beautiful cycling getaways, from 1 to 6 days.

Also discover a new cycling route in 2024 : La Voie des Légendes, a cycling route starting from Gisors across the Vexin Normand up to the Seine. Wide fields, stunning  medieval sites and a huge forest await you for a change of scenery.

The Oise and Vexin loop

To/from Gisors

The Oise and Vexin loop

Over 6 days and 270 km

Distance: approx. 270 km

The Oise and Two Vexin Loop (Boucle des 2 Vexin au Pays de Nacre) offers 160 km of cycling journey throughout heritage wonders, from Gisors to Maisons-Laffitte via Beauvais, Senlis, Chantilly and Auvers-sur-Oise. If you’d like to embark on the entire route, Gisors is an intermediate stop on your journey: allow half a day to visit Gisors, a key city in the medieval history : the castle of Gisors was a key fortress in the . A discovery itinerary is available from the tourist office. For an overnight stay nearby, you’ll have a choice of hotels, charming B&Bs or camping in season.

Our suggestions

A beautiful escape by bike

1 to 3 days

You can design your own jounrey and itinerary from these routes, with several stations allowing you to reach Paris if you wish to do only part of it. Whether you choose one or other of these options, the scenery and many heritage nuggets line all the route and bike trip options from Gisors.

Leave your car in the garage

Come by train with your bike

Travel by train with your bike: Gisors has a direct train line reaching the centre of Paris Saint-Lazare railway station (Transilien line J) during off-peak periods:

Monday to Friday, before 6:30 am, between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm and after 7:30 pm,
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays with no schedule restrictions.
Bicycle parking spaces are provided on the trains.