Brocante Les Puces Du Moulin Neaufles St Martin Adt De Leure J.f. Lange 2Brocante Les Puces Du Moulin Neaufles St Martin Adt De Leure J.f. Lange 2
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"Normandy therapy"

In the Vexin Normand

It’s part of the history and DNA of Vexin Normand: the Epte valley has been the gateway to Normandy for thousands of years. It’s a whole Norman art and sweet lifestyle that expresses itself in these lands bordering both Paris and the Hauts-de-France regions.

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Normandy therapy

The art of slow living in Vexin Normand

Change of tempo in the Vexin Normand: here, we take time to enjoy life. We still resist the hectic pace and stress to maintain a real quality of life. We keep time for ourselves and our families. We enjoy and celebrate Normandy’s cultural and natural heritage. We love taking care of ourselves, our interiors, luring our gardens to enhance the architecture of our homes, embellishing everyday life in simplicity. Antiquing to decorate your home sweet home is a ritual pleasure. Take our Antique shops route to find some fine second hand furniture and original old French decoration pieces.

Gastronomy in Normandy is serious affair! The flavors of the produce from the fertile lands of the Vexin Normand give full meaning to the pleasure of cooking and eating local.

Discover a vibrant and alive Normandy  area, where there’s always an exhibition, a show to see, a party, a cool place to relax with friends and enjoy life at your own pace.

Normandy escape


Whether you’re looking for total relaxation and time to yourself, or off-the-beaten-track ideas for a change of scenery, discover our ideas for a 100% relaxing and Norman holiday.


A relaxing break in the countryside

And friendly outings

Even if you arrive tired, with the unique wish to rest, disconnect and take a breath of fresh air in Normandy, after a first good night’s sleep, you’ll  wake up feeling better, fancy wandering and exploring, enjoy some new experiences … and eventually, the idea of finding a nice place to start the evening cheerfully tempts you.

Combining the calm of the countryside with discovery outings and lively evenings, that’s what our new residents and visitors alike appreciate in the Vexin Normand! Discover the places where you can spend a lively evening out and, above all, spot on our agenda the opportunities for daytime and evening entertainment during your stay.

As a nurturing land by nature, the Vexin Normand is a territory of picky eaters, proud of the quality of their terroir and attached to their gastronomic tradition. We like the quality of small, high-quality food shops, love the ritual of the market followed by a café on the terrace or a good restaurant where we savor the savoir-faire of cooks proud to cook good local produce. Discover our Terroir & restaurants addresses.